7-й Международный Симпозиум по «Неравновесным процессам, плазме, горению и атмосферным явлениям» (NEPCAP 2016)


7th International Symposium on Non-equilibrium Processes, Plasma,
Combustion and Atmospheric Phenomena (NEPCAP 2016)
October 2-7, 2016; Sochi, Russia


  • Kinetics of elementary processes in plasma, combustion and atmosphere.
  •  Fundamentals of ignition and combustion of organic, metalized and synthetic fuels.
  •  Physical and chemical processes in low temperature complex plasma, including burning plasma.
  •  Physics of shock and detonation waves.
  •  Ignition, combustion and detonation in application to jet and internal combustion engines and energetic machines.
  •  Novel combustion concepts including plasma-assisted and laser-induced combustion.
  •  Physics and chemistry of high speed gas flows.
  •  Ignition and combustion of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels in high speed flows.
  •  Novel physical and chemical propulsion concepts.
  •  Physics of clusters and nanostructures.
  • Combustion, laser and plasma generated aerosols and nanoparticles.
  • Plasma, laser and combustion assisted technologies, fuel reforming, nanomaterials and surface treatment.
  • Gaseous and particulate pollutant formation and pollution control.
  • Impact of pollutant emission on the atmospheric processes and climate.