2nd Global Summit on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 
February 18-19, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

We are happy to bring to your notice that Scientific Federation is hosting the "2nd Global Summit on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering" (GSCCE-2019) along with external scientific association with the researchers, academicians, students, post doctorates, around the globe, scheduled on February 18-19, 2019 at Frankfurt, Germany.

Based on your eminence in the field, with great pleasure we would like to invite you for the scientific collaboration with the Advanced GSCCE-2019 event, honour you by inviting you as a Speaker for the conference.

The main theme of the conference: Innovation and Integration for advancements in Chemistry

This event will provide a broad ranging platform for informative and interactive discussions with contributions by recognized experts from:

  • Research
  • Academia
  • Industry

With your association as a Speaker with the GSCCE-2019 international conference, Scientific Federation would like to offer a platform for the interactions between experts around the world and aims in accelerating scientific discoveries in the field of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.


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